The Job

documentary | 2016 | 82 min. | 1:1,85 | XDCam HD > DCP

A group of long-term unemployed shall prepare for the labor market by attending a 1.50-Euro-job. They will help running an exhibition dealing with the senses. Children love the exhibition. Not so the participants. Most of them are stuck in 1.50-Euro-jobs. Instead of joy frustration prevails. After raking leaves now dealing with children. The success of the exhibition is put to the test. A film about the meaning of work.



DIRECTOR > Eva Thron | DOP & COLORIST > Florian Lampersberger | EDITOR > Philipp Schindler | SOUND > Vensan Mazmanyan | PRODUCTION > HFF ‘Konrad Wolf’



> Kasseler Dokfest 2016 | nominated

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