PERFORMANCE/ ART | 2015 | 2 – 12 min. | 1:1,78 | HD


Yuka Oyama was born in Tokyo and grew up in Malaysia, Japan, and Indonesia. She received her BFA (Jewelry and Light Metals) at Rhode Island School of Design in the USA and MA at Munich Art Academy (Art Jewelry and Sculpture) in Germany. She lives and works in Berlin and Oslo.
Having background in jewellery and metalsmithing, Oyama is interested in what an object does to a person and what a person does to the object.
A wearer of jewellery brings life to a static object through movement, expression, meaning, and much more. For the wearer it is also an instrument to articulate and convey personal codes and intimate messages. Jewellery is not only a passive object. It activates the wearer; for example, it can make the person feel more colourful, powerful, confident and beautiful, and lead to a different behaviour or shift in sense of identity. This intertwined relationship between the object and the subject is her core interest.
Oyama adapts wearable sculptures that are enacted through performance, documented in photography and film, presented in installations. (www.yukaoyama.com)



> Encapsulation Suits (Handbag, Piano, A bundle of keys, Hat, A bag of flour) | 2012 – today | 1’49 – 8’57 min.
> Helmet-River | 2015 | 6’56 min.
> Modern Ballet Duo | 2015 | 10’00 min.
> Modern Ballet Trio | 2015 | 10’00 min.
> Weaver | 2014 | 3’18 min.
> CleaningSamurai | 2014 | 2’40 min.



ARTIST/ DIRECTOR > Yuka Oyama | DOP & COLORIST > Florian Lampersberger | EDITOR > Maja Tennstedt | PROJECT MANAGER > Roberta Di Martino | PRODUcTION > Yuka Oyama



> Encapsulation Suits | Oslo Kunstforening | 2015
> The Stubborn Life of Objects | Receptions Gallery, Oslo National Academy of Arts | 2016

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